Monday, June 25, 2012

In Which We Work On Things For Ellen And Have A Good Day

We've got another letter to Ellen off to the translator today; I've been having issues with my e-mail so it's taken forever to get this one out.  But I've finally managed to debug everything, so my attachments are actually working again and it's not a total crap shoot as to whether or not my e-mails get through or not.  Hopefully Ellen doesn't think we've forgotten about her!

I've also been working on a photo album for her; while she's seen pictures of us, she hasn't seen any yet of her other relatives.  Because she's old enough to understand family relationships, we're not concerned about confusing her with too many people.  This way she'll be able to have a bit of a head start on putting names to faces when we visit our extended family for holidays.  I put a pull-out map in the front and I'm marking where all of her relatives live.  Then each group of folks gets a page with a picture of them and a couple of facts about who they are.  Hopefully it will help her get to know our family a little better before she comes home.

We spent some more time out and about together today; I'm really enjoying having Jer home on vacation because of all the family time we're enjoying together.  We took Connor to the library, hit the cheese shop downtown, and just did a bit of walking around.  I think Connor is really enjoying having the undivided attention of both his parents all day.  This will be the last year he has us all to himself, so he might as well get as much out of it as he can!

We haven't received official word yet on when we'll be able to travel to Thailand, but based on the timeline of other families with our adoption agency we're expecting it to be sometime towards the end of the year.  Even though that still seems like forever to wait, in reality we're on the home stretch; December is only six months away!  We've been in this process with her since October of 2010 (and in the adoption process in general since April of 2010), so six months is definitely not that bad in the scheme of things. 

I can't wait to get her home!



Julia O'C said...

Wow...6 months!! So exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!

Clara said...

December will be here before you know it! How exciting!

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