Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Which Connor Shows His Team Colors

Today was Sports Day at Connor's school, so I sent him off decked in Texas A&M (where Jer and I met!) gear from head to toe.  I'm not sure anybody up here has any real idea of what an Aggie is as we're few and far between this far north.  For that matter Connor doesn't have a really good concept of what football is, and he's never seen a game.  One of these days I'd really like to take him to a football game down in College Station, but I'm going to wait until I think the noise wouldn't scare the bejeezus out of him.  I may be waiting a while-- Aggie football games tend to be a little loud.

His Aggie gear, brought to us by some awesome visitors a few months ago, is still quite a big too big on him so he was kind of swimming in it.  But hey, he's adorable anyway.

The little guy had a good day, and evidently they ran them ragged as he conked out this evening and looks like he'll probably sleep through the night for the second night in a row!  I would be way, way more excited about this if I was the one who had to stay up with him, but now that we have the night nurse I'm just glad he's getting a full night of sleep; I'll be getting one whether or not he stays up all night. 

Seriously, I have no idea how we survived before she started coming.  And you wouldn't believe the amount of money I'm saving by not having to drink six cups of coffee a day.



txmoabite said...

hook 'em :)

Clara said...

He is an adorable Aggie! The most adorable Aggie. Ever. Period. Just bring the little one to Texas to make the longhorns jealous!

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