Monday, June 18, 2012

In Which Connor Is Sick Again And Our Yard Gets An Instant Facelift

Connor had his last day of school today, and it was a super small, laid back class.  I don't think he's quite realized he's out for the summer yet, so I expect him to probably freak out every time we drive by his school for the next couple of weeks like he did last year.  I think he figures I've just forgotten where it is or something, and if he can yell at me loud enough I'll clue in and go drop him off. 

We probably won't be driving by his school any time in the next few days though, because late this afternoon he started running a fever again and by the end of the day he'd had five seizures.  We'll be taking him in to the doctor's first thing tomorrow morning to see if they can rule out the most obvious things, like a return of his ear infection.  He's conked out right now, and we'll take it easy tomorrow too.

Jer's taking a few weeks vacation so that we can enjoy the summer together, and that started this week.  I'm enjoying having him home already; it's so cool that I can go to the bathroom without an audience in the middle of the day!  Otherwise Connor gets to be my bathroom buddy during the work week, since he needs eye-on care pretty much all the time.  Jer immediately got to work and pulled a bunch of weeds out in the yard, because he's amazing like that.  I'm a pretty lucky gal!

We have new neighbors on one side of our house, and they've been doing some hard work too.  Yesterday we heard a bunch of noise coming from that side of the yard, and then the big Japanese maple on their property that overhung our fence on that side started disappearing in large sections.  A few minutes later one of our new neighbors knocked on the door to collect the branches that had fallen on our side of the fence.  Apparently the tree whacked him on the face a couple of times while he was mowing the lawn, so he got out the chainsaw and chopped it down.  It makes me think we probably shouldn't get on our new neighbors' bad side-- at least anywhere that they have access to power tools.

They seem pretty nice, though.

Anyway, now our yard looks completely different; I keep looking outside and thinking something's missing.  It's that same sort of startled feeling I get when I look in the mirror right after getting a major hair cut.  It's way, way more open now near my herb garden and much more sunny.  The stuff that I had planted in that part of the yard was all for part shade, and now it's in full sun and in danger of frying.  So I'm thinking I might either need to transplant some things or else plant a tree of my own.  A dwarf fruit tree might fit pretty well in that spot, or maybe I'll put in some highbush blueberries. 

Decisions, decisions!


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