Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Sleepy Guy And Jer Trains For Some Modeling Of The Peer Variety

Connor spent most of the day today falling asleep in various uncomfortable looking positions.  He dozed off in the car, in his wheelchair while we were at the grocery store, draped over the corner of the couch-- basically anywhere but his bed, where he refused to even consider closing his eyes.  He went to bed some time after midnight last night, so I guess the last couple of days are starting to catch up with him.

The good news is that he only had one seizure today, and he seems to have stopped running a fever.  So my guess is that he had some sort of little bug and he's on the mend now.  Unless he has a really tough day tomorrow, I think we can stay home instead of heading to the doctor's office. 

Jer spent most of today at a training session; he's becoming a peer mentor for the Wounded Warrior Project so that he can help other soldiers and their families through their recovery process.  I'd call Jer pretty well completely recovered (other than the whole half-a-missing-calf and the possible amputation a decade down the line) so I think he's in a great position to be a peer mentor.  Of course I have a completely biased opinion, but I think he'd make a fantastic role model.  He's certainly one of mine!


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