Sunday, June 3, 2012

In Which Connor Tries On Polka Dots Again

My sweet little boy slept in until well after 11:00 this morning, and I figured he was mostly on the mend.  He was pretty fussy when he did wake up, but I thought that he was just to the point where he was feeling well enough to get cranky, if that makes any sense.  I left the little guy conked on a pallet next to Jer in the dining room and popped out to not one, but two bookstores because whenever Connor gets sick I run completely out of books and I needed to restock.  Also I wanted the next book in a series and the library's copy has been out for four months, dang it.

Connor spent the whole time I was gone fully clothed, under a blanket and snoozing peacefully away.  When I got home I figured he probably needed a diaper change, so I got everything ready and went to wake him up.  I rolled him over gently.  "Does his face look a little swollen to you?" I asked Jer.  We turned on the overhead light and discovered a bunch of tiny red dots scattered around his hairline and down the temple on the side he'd been sleeping on. 

I took off his blanket and discovered more red dots on his arms.  I lifted up his shirt and groaned.  The kid's torso was covered in hives.  So was pretty much all of the rest of the skin on his body except for the side of his face that had been turned up while he was sleeping.  Whee.

So apparently we can add yet another class of antibiotic (cephalosporins) to the growing list of medications Connor is allergic to.  We plugged the poor, miserable itchy little guy full of Benedryl and rang up the doctor on call, who told us to discontinue the antibiotic and head into the clinic first thing tomorrow morning.  While ear infections are usually the kind of thing we could potentially just wait out with a typical kid, it wouldn't be too great for Connor to go a week or more with a fever so we'll probably be trying something else.  Also it was apparently a pretty nasty infection, so the wait-and-see approach might not have worked so well for him anyway. 

Connor seemed a bit more comfortable after the Benedryl kicked in, but of course it knocked him out even more so he spent most of the rest of the day sleeping, either on his pallet or in my lap, where I'm sad to say he doesn't fit very well anymore.  And once we get home from the doctor tomorrow, he'll probably spend most of the rest of the day with me too.  He's still relatively pint sized, but with the way he's been growing I don't think that will last too much longer.  So I've got to get my snuggles in while I can.

I'm ready.  I've got six new books and I'm restocked on chocolate.  Bring on the snuggly day.


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