Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Which Connor Tries Some Performance Art

Connor managed to lose one of his ear molds at some point today, which is fantastic.  Thankfully we've still got the super expensive part of the hearing aid, and ear molds are not that difficult to replace.  We'll continue looking for it and see if it turns up, but I'm not overly optimistic.  Glorious.

Otherwise the little guy had a great day!  He spent over two hours in his stander, did some great fingerpainting, and splashed around in the bathtub with his daddy.  His method of fingerpainting is pretty funny.  I dip his hands in the paint, and he carefully wipes as much of it off of his fingers on to the paper as he can.  Then he wipes the rest of it on his stomach and hair.  After he's covered himself in paint, he looks at me and signs "more."  This is my cue to dip his hands in paint again. 

I took this picture right at the beginning of his painting process, but I should have taken one at the end too.  I'm pretty sure there was way more paint on my child than on the paper.  He looked a bit like a three dimensional Jackson Polluck painting.  Also I forgot to put saran wrap around his g-tube like I usually do, so it may be permanently stained blue.  Oh, and his hair may have a few lovely green streaks in it for a while, since his white-blond locks hold color beautifully.  They claim that the stuff is water-soluble, but I'm not convinced. 

Oh well.  I'll just spike his hair up or something and go for a punk rock look.

Yay for sensory play!



Kathryn said...

Ah I lsot my HA mold ounce too. Actully the dog ate it but the expenzive part was safe.Hopefully Connor gets a new mold made soon or finds it.

Clara said...

Connor can rock any look! Even a green Mohawk! I wish you had pics of the aftermath! Lol

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