Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Which I Skate One More Time And Connor Looks For Moose

Our championship bout was a ton of fun!  We didn't walk away with the trophy this year, but nevertheless it was a fantastic game and I had a great time.  It's going to be really strange watching from the sidelines next season, but hopefully it will fly by and I'll be back up and skating the flat track in 2014.

While Jer and I were out doing derby-related activities, Connor headed off to Northwest Trek with his best friend in the entire world, C.  Northwest Trek, for those of you not familiar with this area, is a wildlife part of species native to Washington, and they have a tram that runs through an area of freeranging moose, elk, and buffalo, among other animals.  I didn't hear the report first hand, but apparently they had a great time taking the tour.  I'm sure Connor was pretty happy about seeing C too-- it's been a while since they've gotten together!

It's extremely late right now though, as I've just come back from the bout afterparty.  So I'm off to bed!


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