Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Which We Have A Family Day

We took Connor to see Brave in 3D today!  This represented a new level of moviegoing for us; it was the first time we'd taken him to a movie without having previewed it first to make sure it wouldn't scare the bejeezus out of him on the big screen.  It was also the first time we'd taken him to a movie on its opening weekend.  Surprisingly the theater wasn't crowded at all, and Connor seemed to really enjoy himself!  He behaved like a dream and didn't pull his glasses off more than once or twice.  Of course the movie had bears in it, which probably helped.  Connor loves bears.

We needn't have worried about the little guy making a disturbance anyway, because he would have been completely drowned out by the grandfather-and-grandson duo sitting a few seats down from us who kept up a running commentary at full volume the entire movie.  They advised us of their best guesses on future plot points, yelled at characters on the screen when they made poor decisions, and even made lewd comments about the female cartoon characters' bosoms.  Really.  They were quite the pair. 

Oh well.

After that we took Connor to the mall across the street, which is less a mall and more an indoor amusement park.  It has a black light miniature golf area, a giant bounce house play area, an arcade, a bungee jump trampoline, a rock climbing wall and a carousel.  We bypassed all of the other stuff and went straight for the carousel, which is major entertainment in Connor's world.  It has lights and mirrors and music and it goes up and down-- what more could a little guy fascinated with all of that stuff need?  So we bought a token and Jer boosted Connor up onto a giant wooden cat.  The music started and off they went!  I stood by Connor's wheelchair and waved every time they went by.  Connor waved back, when he wasn't busy looking at the mirrors or the lights.  I'm not sure he was waving to me, though-- he looked like he was sort of waving at everybody indiscriminately, like he was on a parade float or something.  He was pretty cute.

So overall we had a great day!  I'm glad the little guy enjoyed himself so much, and Family Days are always fun.


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Anonymous said...

So basically it was like going to a live showing of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, only with less wit? :)

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