Friday, June 22, 2012

In Which I Make A Poor Beverage Choice And Connor Feels Better

Connor seemed to be feeling quite a bit better today, which is good!  He didn't have any seizures today, and I think he's firmly on the road to recovery.  He's conked out right now, which is pretty great since it's our night nurse's weekend.

It may not matter for me though, because I made the mistake of ordering a chai latte off the menu at a restaurant I don't normally frequent.  At pretty much any other restaurant I've ever been to around here, this would indicate that I wanted chai with steamed milk in it.  Apparently at this restaurant, it means chai with steamed milk and a double shot of espresso added to it.  That drink is known at pretty much every other place around here as a "dirty chai," and I am not a fan.

Really, really not a fan.  Ew. 

Unfortunately, I'd gotten it on the way out and didn't take a sip of it until I was already halfway across town and well away from the restaurant.  Despite it being past five in the evening, and also despite the fact that the drink tasted horrible, my dang-it-I-paid-for-it-so-I-can't-just-throw-it-away instincts kicked in and I ended up drinking about half of the terrible thing.  And of course now I'm paying for it again, as I'm pretty sure I'll be up until four in the dang morning.  There's a reason why I used to use coffee to keep me awake during Connor's glorious marathon insomniac sessions pre-night nurse; I have a very low tolerance for it and it makes me wired.  A single cup of black tea is about all I can do after mid-afternoon and expect to fall asleep. 

Seriously, why didn't I just pour the dang thing out?  This was not the best judgement on my part.

Oh well.


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