Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Night Owl And I Skate Some More

Connor stayed up until 2:45am last night, but Jeremy was gracious enough to take the evening shift because I had a roller derby bout tonight.  Luckily tonight our awesome night nurse is here, so neither one of us has to stay up.  That's a good thing, because based on the noises I can hear coming from behind his closed bedroom door on the complete other side of the house I'm pretty sure he's planning on pulling an all-nighter.

We did keep him up pretty late; Jeremy took him to see my bout, which was closed to the general public.  We were playing the second highest ranked team in the country, so we got rather predictably stomped.  It was a lot of fun though, and it was neat to play on the track against some of the top derby players in the world.  It's also a big reminder of just how much I still have to learn!  While I'll be taking next year off from bouting to focus on our family, I'll still be hitting a couple of practices a week and once the kids are both in school I'll be really ramping up my crosstraining.  Hopefully that will help me out once I get back on the track in 2014.  Of course I've still got the championship bout next week before I finish off this season, so I'm not on my break yet.

While I won't be skating as much this next year I don't think my derby career is over by any stretch of the imagination-- I'm still having way, way too much fun to hang up my skates for good!


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